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RESULTS Holland GI challenge 17-02-2008

This text is from an article at the graciemag website,

Holland GI challenge 17-02-2008
The largest in the country so far

The Dutch Jiu-Jitsu community got together last weekend in Amsterdam, Holland. On Sunday, February 17th, was held the Holland GI Challenge. The tournament had a record number of 250 registrated athletes, the largest number in the country so far.

The event had the sponsorship of GMA member Zona-MMA. The highlight was the black belt superfight between Bernardo Pitel and Fabien Dardene, won by the latter. Check out the complete results.

White Belt - 67 kg
1 Nicoli Kavadias (Yamasaki)
2 Dennis Beckx (UCT / Yamasaki)
3 Roy Remeysen (GB Pardoel)
3 Christiaan Elderson (Rickson Gracie)

White Belt - 73 kg
1 Khalil Laouay (Urban Team)
2 Daniel Timmerman (GB Pardoel)
3 Bjorno Buel (GB Pardoel)
3 Franky vd Hove (Exit BJJ)

White Belt - 79 kg
1 Henk Nobach (UCT / Yamasaki)
2 Ingar Bareno (Arubian Fighters)
3 Marcel Hilboezen (Aarts Haarlem)
3 Marco Manara (Nova Uniao Italy)

White Belt - 85 kg
1 Jean- Baptiste Vanhamme (Octopus)
2 Faycale El-Hadouchi (BJJ Belgium)
3 Thomas Smit (Team Agua)

White Belt - 91 kg
1 Dieter Engelen (Bad Boys Jiu Jitsu)
2 Leroy Bakker (Rickson Gracie Haarlem)
3 Nicolas Mailfait (Exit BJJ)
3 Roger Hounnou (Sequana JJ Team)

White Belt - 97 kg
1 Hamza Bouskra (Urban Team)
2 Martijn Kog (Rickson Gracie Haarlem)
3 Fabien Delvallee (BJJ Belgium)
3 Hans Roozenboom (BA Physical Ede)

White Belt +97 kg
1 Fabrice Bilomba (Hybrid Dojo)
2 Ruslan Gasimov (GB Team Kazeka)
3 Alper Eger (GB Caveirinha)
3 Christian de la Roca (GB Hamburg)

Blue and Up - 67 kg
1 Bernardo Pitel (Nova Uniao)
2 Wachid Alabaev (Exit BJJ)
3 Julien Gaillaird (GB Team Oliveira)
3 Nicolas Gaillaird (GB Team Oliveira)

Blue and Up - 73 kg
1 Rodrigo de Freitas (GB Hamburg)
2 Abdelkader Lakhal (Urban Team)
3 Marc Akakpovi (Bittan Academy)
3 Fabien Ferre (Urban Team)

Blue and Up - 79 kg
1 Wim Deputter (Exit BJJ)
2 Seral Yilar (Urban Team)
3 Benoit Zenthner (Sequana JJ Team)
3 Christian Fuhr (Yamasaki)

Blue and Up - 85 kg
1 Christophe Deferme (Exit BJJ)
2 Sebastiaan Mook (Rickson Gracie)
3 Daniel Bertina (Carlson Gracie)
3 Stefan Breiksch (GB Team Kazeka)

Blue and Up -91 kg
1 Farzin Sadegh (Yamasaki)
2 Justus Enthoven (Carlson Gracie)
3 Laurent Lejeune (GB Team Oliveira)
3 Willem Zandbergen (GB Pardoel)

Blue and Up -97 kg
1 Alessandro de Oliveira (GB Team Oliveira)
2 Marek Nowak (Strefa Walki)
3 Frank Chirat (BJJ Belgium)
3 Laurent Bulin (MB Academy)

Blue and Up +97 kg
1 Jessie Gibbs (Team Agua)
2 Anthony Hardonck (Rickson Gracie)
3 Cedric Jolet (Urban Team)
3 Frank van Rossum (Rickson Gracie)

Women -60
1 Amelie Combes (Urban Team)
2 Gwladys Jeanet (Urban Team)
3 Sanne Brouwer (Yamasaki)

Women + 60
1 Suzanne Joossens (Exit BJJ)
2 Gwladys Jeanet (Urban Team)
3 Marissa Lan (Team Purmerend)

Most Technical Fighter Bernardo Pitel (Nova Uniao)

Team Results
1 Urban Team
2 Exit BJJ
3 Yamasaki

Black Belt Superfight: Fabien Dardenne (BJJ Belgium) beats x Bernardo Pitel (Nova Uniao)

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