Holland BJJ Network

Holland BJJ Network is an organisation that promotes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Grappling events in Holland. Our goal is to provide good and interesting tournaments for competitors in Europe to make the sport grow. On this site you can find information about upcoming events and results from past events. There is also a registration form to enroll in our competitions. Feel free to contact us at: info@bjjholland.com.



White Belt - 67 kg
1 Alabaev Vakhid Exit BJJ Belgium
2 Dennis Beckx Team UCT Spartans Holland
3 Stephan Kerkhoven Rickson Gracie Holland
3 Hamid Korchi Sankuno BJJ France

White Belt - 79 kg
1 Tristan Diekman GB Caveirinha Germany
2 Nicky Maison GB Braulio Estima UK
3 Marco Manara Nova Uniao Italy
3 Patrick vd Velde Sportstudio All-Inn Holland

White Belt - 91 kg
1 Adrian Roberts GB Braulio Estima UK
2 Illugi Ljotson Hilti BJJ Uppsala Sweden
3 Joca Rodrigues Rickson Gracie Rotterdam Holland

White Belt + 91 kg
1 Martin Gobel Caveirinha Germany
2 Duncan Diaz GB Team Agua Holland
3 Marino Lemmer Team Agua Holland
3 Goksel Bottcher GB Caveirinha Germany

Blue and Up - 67 kg
1 Hannu Jokela Alliance Finland Finland
2 Cedric Strykowski Ze Marcello / Grizzen Belgium
3 Wictor Dalhstrom Hilti BJJ Uppsala Sweden
3 Patrik Jonsson Prana BJJ Sweden

Blue and Up - 73 kg
1 Walter Welander Roger Gracie Academy UK
2 Oliver Geddes Prana BJJ Sweden
3 Ken van Gilbergen Exit BJJ Belgium
3 Abdullah al-Omari Team Agua Holland

Blue and Up - 79 kg
1 Vagner Boca Team Agua / Alliance Brasil
2 Jukka Korpelainen Alliance Finland Finland
3 Bart Creemers Yamasaki Belgium
3 Christophe Deferme Exit BJJ Belgium

Blue and Up - 85 kg
1 David Pierre Louis Sankuno BJJ France
2 Luciano Cristova Roger Gracie Academy UK
3 Daniel Bertina Carlson Gracie Holland
3 Remco Rettob Yamasaki Holland

Blue and Up -91 kg
1 Hans Stringer Yamasaki Holland2 Sam Turky
3 Pawel Kaminski Walka Gniezno Poland
3 Dennis Wong Yamasaki Belgium Belgium

Blue and Up +91 kg
1 Jessie Gibbs Team Agua Holland
2 Peter Cyrano Team Agua Holland
3 Åke Olsson Hilti BJJ Uppsala Sweden
3 Andreas Lagaard Frontline Academy Norway

Women GI
1 Laurence Cousin Behring Jiu Jitsu France
2 Tove Södersten Prana BJJ Sweden
3 Yasmin Tahira Team Agua Holland
3 Sarah de Maesschalk Yamasaki Belgium

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